An Update from Fonab Castle Hotel

A personal message from Niall Thompson, General Manager

We wanted to get in touch to reassure our guests that we are doing everything we can to keep yourselves and our team safe.


Self-Care with Fonab Castle Hotel and Spa


The pursuit of wellness is a travel trend that transcends boundaries.  Almost everyone, regardless of age and social background, is actively seeking ways to reconnect with themselves, with their loved ones and with the world around them. Whether by way of immersion in nature, detox or rejuvenating practices and treatments, there is an increasing desire among travellers to return from a holiday having achieved some form of personal betterment.


Fonab offers guests the opportunity to experience a deep sense of wellbeing without any compromise on comfort, indulgence and standards of service.


It is widely accepted that time in nature and being part of something bigger than yourself is a grounding experience, allowing the individual to refocus. Perthshire, with its vast open spaces and dramatic extremes, provides an accessible setting in which to achieve this, with the promise of an extravagantly warm welcome on return to Fonab.


We are taking some other important measures which include:


The Team and Public Areas

Maintaining our impeccably high standard of hygiene throughout the hotel and spa as always falls on our amazing Executive Housekeeper, Donna and her team.


As you know, our bedrooms and public areas are, of course, always immaculate, but we are taking additional precautions in line with Public Health Scotland and our Industry Executive Guidelines


The Wonders of Alcohol

Located 1.5 hours from all major cities in Scotland, we are very much at the heart of Scotland and being at the heart we like a good fashioned old Highland tale:  “when you are sick, your body is filled with viruses and bacteria. Alcohol kills those things, so drinking alcohol will kill the pathogens in your body and help restore your good health”.


Sadly this is a misconception but surrounded by Distilleries, it does not stop us enjoying a Dram or a Hot Toddy. To help rejuvenation and to give you a warm glow, we are serving Hot Toddies when you arrive throughout March and April, allowing Concierge to deal with your baggage and you to relax.


We are very lucky to have a loyal, strong and dedicated core team of staff. We feel that we have the will within our community to do all of the right things to help protect you, ourselves and our families, and yes, our livelihoods. We have been moved by the Highlander spirit of our amazing team in putting all of these procedures in place.


We hope and pray that everyone remains safe. We are trying to do everything we possibly can to make Fonab one of the safest places to stay, with the help of our wonderful staff

Scottish Tourist Board AA AA Rosettes